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Curriculum Catalog

St. Luke’s has a diverse library of curriculum resources for your small group to utilize. Please explore the curriculum catalog to find a study that interests your group. A sortable excel file is available in the FAQ section below. To check out a book, study guide or DVD, please email Rev. Josh Attaway at

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commit to growing in faith

Group Covenant

When we all commit to growing in faith as a community of believers, amazing things can happen.As a group, it is important that all agree upon the mission and values that you commit to upholding. Please use the Group Worksheet & Covenant Template as a tool to help create a long-term plan for your small group.

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Group Roster

One of the first steps in starting a new small group is gathering everyone’s information. The Group Roster form can be used in initial group meetings to gather members’ information and distribute it to the group

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Feedback Form

We want to hear about your experiences in your small group! If you have feedback to share regarding a particular study, your meeting time and location, or the group experience as a whole, please fill out a feedback form.

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Featured Curriculum

Looking for a topical study or series for your community group? Browse through our latest resoures developed by St. Luke's clergy.
Living as Easter People

Through the last half of John’s Gospel, Jesus teaches his disciples what it means to live as Easter people through his life, death, and resurrection. This 6-week study will lead you through the last 12 chapters of John by reading two chapters each week. We will see what Jesus taught his original disciples and what he is still teaching us today about living as the people of hope.

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Questions Christ Asked Us

Rev. Josh Attaway leads a lesson series about the numerous questions from Jesus in the Bible. Jesus asked the disciples challenging questions about their faith. He answered the questions of leaders with questions of his own. And He asked questions to those who were hurting to discover their deepest needs. When we read these questions it is good for us to consider, what does Christ ask of us?

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Half Truths

"There are some sayings we often use to comfort or encourage people that are sometimes misleading. There is an element of truth with them but there are also some theological problems with these sayings. In this series, we will explore the full meaning behind 'half truths.'"
- Rev. Dave Poteet

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The Parables

Stephanie Greenwald presents Parables: A closer look at the stories of Jesus. Learn about the stories of the farmer scattering seed, the three servants, hidden treasure, the unforgiving debtor, and the vineyard workers in this 5-week lesson series.

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That's in the Bible?

"This series will take a look at five different biblical authors that we may not often read from in our devotional lives, or even in worship. Some of the words of these authors may surprise you, some may inspire you, and some may cause you to ask tough questions about our scriptures." - Rev. Josh Attaway

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The One Relationship

"Our lives are defined, in many ways, by our relationships. This series will look at developing our relationship with God. Our relationship with God is the one relationship that affects all other areas of our life. When we grow in our faith, our relationships with our families, co-workers and friends are strengthened as well." - Rev. Keith King

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The Book of Acts

“In the Bible we learn about God, ourselves, and our relationships. The Book of Acts recounts God’s mighty love to bring about the early church, and human faithfulness in sharing God’s love and bringing hope to the world. Through this exploration of the Book of Acts, we will be inspired to ways we can more fully be the persons, and the church, God has called us to be.” - Rev. Drew Haynes

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Wrestling with God

“Meet Jacob, the spoiled son of Isaac who let no one including his brother get in the way of what he wanted. Despite Jacob’s flaws God blesses him and eventually redeems him. Jacob is the only person in the Bible who ever wrestled with God and lived to tell about it. If you’ve ever struggled with God and done things you’re not proud of you’ll probably see yourself in the Jacob stories.” - Rev. Dave Poteet

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Walking in the Path of Grace

"God loves us and is working to heal us. Grace is the active love of God at work in the world and our lives. Grace is God’s presence and power that allows us to live the abundant life God intends for us to have." -Rev. Keith King

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General FAQs

Answers to the most asked questions about small groups & community groups at St. Luke's.

How can I be a part of a small group at St. Luke's?

There are a variety of small groups offered throughout the week and on Sundays. To find yours, please visit the Ministries page to see a list of available groups.

Visit Ministries Page

Looking to get involved in a new community group? Twice a year, St. Luke’s hosts an event called Group Link that lasts four weeks at both the Downtown and Edmond Campuses. Group Link will give you a taste of what it’s like to be part of a small group and get you acquainted with others looking to grow in faith. Watch for announcements for the next Group Link event!

For more information about joining a small group, contact Morgan Jones (Downtown Campus) or Rev. Josh Attaway (Edmond Campus).

When do small groups meet?

Groups meet at a variety of times throughout the week and on Sundays. For a complete list of current small groups, visit the Ministries page.

Visit Ministries Page

Is childcare available while I attend my small group?

Several, but not all, of the small groups at St. Luke’s have childcare available during meeting times. For more detailed information about a particular small group, contact Beth Armstrong (Downtown Campus) or Rev. Josh Attaway (Edmond Campus).

How can I start a new small group at St. Luke's?

We welcome new groups to start throughout the year! While many form during the Group Link events each spring and fall, starting a small group can happen at any point.

Please contact Beth Armstrong if you have an idea for a new small group!

Group Leader FAQs

Answers to questions for group leaders.

Where can I find a list of curriculum available for my group?

St. Luke’s has an online library on Lirbarika full of curriculum for your group. To gain access to the St. Luke’s Librarika account, please email Josh Attaway at

How can I check out curriculum for the curriculum library?

For more information about curriculum offered in our library and to check content out for your small group, contact Rev. Josh Attaway.

Is it okay for my group to do a study that is not a part of the St. Luke's curriculum library?

Your group is welcome to use curriculum sourced outside of St. Luke’s! Please share with us the lessons your group is using. We would love to review it with you and see if it is something we should add to our library for other groups to utilize as well.

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