A Different Approach

Each location of the St. Luke’s Children’s Center provides a creative learning experience for children in a Christian environment. We seek to provide an atmosphere in which children can grow spiritually, socially, mentally, physically and emotionally to his/her fullest potential and support parents as they provide the same atmosphere at home.

Parent Resources

Resources for parents with children enrolled at a St. Luke's Childcare Center
Parent Handbook

Under the guidance of our Children’s Center Directors, the Executive Director, and St. Luke’s Methodist Church, the policies and regulations that have been developed for all weekday programs are designed to keep a harmonious and transparent relationship between families and staff.


Childcare Center Staff

Our staff bring dedication, experience, and heart to the centers as well as a commitment to excellence in the field of early childhood care and education. Learn more about our friendly directors by clicking the link below! A child’s growth, emotional, and mental well-being is best promoted by teachers who love, teach, and care for children in a way that demonstrates God’s love and care.

Meet the Staff


As a Childcare Center, St. Luke's is dedicated to much more than just creating a space for your child to stay while you are at work. The classroom curriculum we have developed is founded on the principles of inquiry-based learning. Research has shown that children should not just be taught facts but should also be given the opportunity to understand and explain what they are learning. Our teaching plans include a monthly theme as well as a parent involvement activity bridging the gap between learning at home and at school. Our teacher led curriculum is designed to help your child meet developmental milestones while learning and growing in their classrooms.


All two downtown Oklahoma City St. Luke's Childcare Centers are NAC (National Accreditation Commission) Accredited facilities and our newest location at the St. Luke's Edmond Campus is in the process of completing accreditation.

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St. Luke's Downtown Campus

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St. Luke's Edmond Campus

St. Luke's Edmond Children's Center

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Join the Waitlist

The St. Luke’s Childcare centers run year-round and at full capacity across all three centers. There are not specific enrollment dates. Please join the waitlist for a spot in one of the classrooms.

Waitlist Form

Waitlist FAQs

St. Luke’s Children’s Center has two locations in the downtown area and one in East Edmond. All of St. Luke’s centers are year-round programs and as such we do not have specific enrollment dates. We regularly assess openings available in each class and use the wait list to inform families when availability exists. Occasionally an opening will become available during the school year.

How does your waitlist work?

We maintain one central waitlist for our three downtown campuses and one waitlist for our Edmond location. As the list is usually long, especially for infants, it is important to apply as soon as possible. The average wait time varies depending on a variety of factors (currently enrolled families, church members, staff) and the age of your child.

For each age (unborn, infant, ones, twos, threes, etc.) there is a separate list. As children age while on the waiting list, they will be moved up to the following age list.

Siblings of currently enrolled children will be given priority over all others on the waitlist. We also give preference to church members and staff of St. Luke’s Methodist Church. The date of completed application is the final criteria for priority within each of these groups.

In order to secure a spot on the waitlist, please submit the application along with a $50 non-refundable Waitlist Application fee. You may submit your application via mail or in the office directly. Please make checks payable to St. Luke’s Children’s Center.

Parents are notified via email and phone call when a space is available for their child. Parents are given 48 hours to notify us of their decision to either accept or decline the enrollment. If the parent fails to contact us within the 48-hour period, the assumption is made that the family is no longer interested in our program and the child’s name will be removed from the waiting list. Due to the short window of time to respond, it is important to keep us informed of any changes to contact information.

Note that payment of the waitlist fee does not ensure a place in our center but does serve to keep your child’s name on the list of prospective students. Your child’s place on the waitlist is determined by the date that we received your waitlist form and fee.

How long is the Waitlist?

The length of the waitlist varies but is generally longer for children under two and then over two. Typically, around a year is a normal time frame but it can exceed a year as well.

Can I stop in anytime and have a look around?

We are happy to have you visit and take a tour of our facilities. In order to provide a safe and secure environment for the children, we ask that you make an appointment to visit the classrooms with the director or assistant director during operating hours, Monday through Friday.

Will we be told where we are on the list?

The wait list is updated from month to month. You are more than welcome to contact Mandi Coleman for the Downtown Campus or Paula Elrod for the Edmond Campus at any time to see where you are on the list.

What can we do to get a spot sooner?

One of the most important things you do is to begin lookin for care as soon as possible. We advise parents to get their child’s name on the waitlist as soon as they can since infant spots fill up quickly.

Do you know any other center or childcare provider with openings?

Rainbow Fleet Child Care Resource and Referral can help with finding regulated child care. Their website is rainbowfleet.org.