July 26, 2019

Living a life built on love is the key to freedom! Jesus liberates us and leads us into a new life by delivering us from the need for power and control to a life that is built on love and freedom. His life is an incredible example for us to follow as he was always concerned about how his actions would affect the lives and emotions of others.

However, this can go against the world in which we live, so it’s important for us to confront these issues and constantly have moments of self-reflection and prayer. I believe there are three things we can reflect on to ensure we are living a life of love.


Which of these questions do you most often find yourself asking:

“How will this affect me?” OR “How will this affect others?”

Do you ever go out of your way to help others or do you make things harder for the people in your life? How about your family, your spouse or your co-workers?


The second consideration is one based on feelings. Are you more likely to tune into how something makes you feel or are you considering how your actions might make others feel? When we stop to consider how others might feel, it can change things dramatically.


How often do you reach out to be a blessing? When we commit to asking how our actions affect the lives and emotions of others, it stirs in us a more compassionate approach to others. We tend to see ourselves as good, compassionate people, but we often miss the mark and forget that we are followers of Christ. I believe we all, truly, want to be caring people who reach out to bless others and self-reflection and prayer can help us get back on track!