August 2, 2019

One of my favorite miracle stories in the Bible is Jesus healing the blind man. One of the reasons I love this story so much is that it is the only miracle story in the Bible in which there were several steps that had to occur in order to reach ultimate healing. Jesus did not simply touch his eyes and give him the gift of sight. I think it is often this way for us, too. Seeing more clearly is a journey. God is often working in our lives, but sometimes it happens over time. Three things I want to share with you about how Jesus can help you and I see more clearly.


I believe Christ can heal us so that we can see people in a new way, when we pray and ask Him to give us new eyes for others. Jesus had the ability to see clearly into other people, whether it was Zacchaeus, Nicodemus or the woman at the well. He saw their mistakes, their sins, their shortcomings and faults, but he also saw the good.  He saw their strengths and their love, their talent and ability. Jesus was not a man of criticism, instead he encouraged, inspired and uplifted others because he could truly see the good in everyone. 


I believe it is Christ who helps us to see the hope for our future, more clearly. When I look at the world, I see so much pain. I see the hungry, the oppressed, the homeless; I see things going on that I disagree with. It’s easy to see the struggles and become afraid. It’s easy to panic and worry what tomorrow will bring, “Will I be able to pay the bills? What’s going to happen in our country?” The fear and worry can go on and on. But, somehow, I believe it is Christ who helps us to see more clearly what we can do today to prepare for a better tomorrow. God often gives us a “green light” even when it’s not clear what lies ahead, but it’s enough to get going. He gives us the courage to keep going and stop worrying about what lies ahead. 


I believe that Christ can heal our vision so we can see ourselves more clearly and see who we truly are.  So many people sell themselves short in life, whether it’s from a poor self-esteem or past experiences, we set false limits on our lives. To decide, “This is all I can accomplish or this is as far as I can go” could mean missing the calling that God has for us.  It is Christ who truly sees our potential and can help us see the potential for our lives! When was the last time you really saw yourself clearly and felt your tremendous potential to continue to grow?