September 5, 2017

Today we celebrated the birthday of Savannah White! She is the Edmond Campus Director of Contemporary Worship.

After breakfast we headed out for Wittenberg. Our first stop was Lutherhaus. It had formerly been a university with 20 students when Martin Luther arrived, when he left there were over 2000. We saw the converted living quarters of Luther and his wife Katherina.

One of the most exciting things to me was getting to see the painted portraits of Martin and Katharina Luther. I was very familiar with the famous portraits – I had used them in many Bible studies. I asked our guide if they were prints and was told they were the original paintings. It was quite surreal to see the actual paintings that I had looked at so many times on the internet.

From there we went to City Church where Martin Luther preached. We walked to the town square which had a statue of Luther beside a statue of another Reformation leader, Philip Melanchthon.

We went to Castle Church, which was where Martin Luther nailed his “95 Theses” on October 31, 1517. Inside the beautiful church were the burial sites of Martin Luther and Philip Melanchthon. We were part of a special worship service held in English at City Church. It was led by a Lutheran pastor from Arizona! It was a moving time of worship with one another in the historic church.

This evening we had a delicious German dinner together at a restaurant near our hotel. In the morning we head to Berlin!

Click here to listen to one of the amazing organs we have got to hear. 

– Rev. Wendy Lambert