September 4, 2017

After a great breakfast we traveled to Halle, Germany.  It was here that Martin Luther was part of Market Church.  When we visited we were blessed to hear the beautiful organ being played.  Both the music and the church interior were inspiring.  George Handel was baptized at Market Church in 1685.
We left Halle and returned to tour the town of Leipzig.  There is a historic town hall and a market square with a large clock tower, the Red Tower.  We visited St. Thomas church which has an incredible history.  Martin Luther preached at St. Thomas church and Johann Sebastian Bach served at the church.  It was a special day for our group as a couple celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary and were also able to find a publication at St. Thomas church that celebrated one of their ancestors as a famous cantor of the church, Johann Hermann Schein (1586-1630).  He was a talented singer and composer –
Leipzig was also the location where Martin Luther debated the famous Roman Catholic scholar/theologian, Johann Eck, in 1519.  We returned to the hotel for a great dinner together and ended the evening in a special time of prayer for the people in Texas.
Tomorrow we head to Wittenberg!