September 10, 2017

In our introduction to Richard Rohr’s Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation, Insight Class learned a startling fact: The word “Trinity” is not used anywhere in the Bible! As it turns out, the Trinity is a complex issue, one about which we actually know little, beyond the “three persons” mentioned in hymns.

Rohr writes that the Trinity has been largely “missing in action” since the Cappadocian fathers in the Third or Fourth Century. Many of us tend to call it a mystery and move on. But the ancient Greek fathers treated it as a type of round dance, moving from one member of the Trinity to another, without breaking the circle. The great thing is, we are invited to join the dance.

There are indications, early in the Bible, that God was not a solitary being during the Creation, using the term “us.” Later in Genesis, the story of a visitation to Abraham uses the word “they.”

Rohr sees the “Divine Dance” of the Trinity with a fourth member, who is each of us. Divine inclusion, what we call salvation, was always Plan A, not Plan B, Rohr believes. It was God’s original intention for us, from the Beginning.

Written by: Marie Price