September 17, 2017

On Sunday, we studied “Part One: A Trinitarian Review,” from Richard Rohr’s The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation.

Rohr says we are experiencing a “spiritual paradigm shift,” chiefly because we can no longer live with the previously accepted worldview. That includes its Earth-centered view of the universe.

Rohr also believes that the common image of God is chiefly pagan in nature, with God as a wrathful, remote, static “removed observer.” But, says Rohr, that image of God is also in flux, shifting to the idea of God as the “ultimate participant.” Such massive change tends to happen when an existing system fails us. This can be seen, Rohr says, among those who have moved away from organized religion, which makes no sense to them. Many reject the idea of an angry, punishing God.

Rohr also says that a lot of religion is in “rigor mortis,’ asking whether we are ready to jettison ideas that no longer serve us, that have led to a sense of disconnect.

Building upon Aristotle’s idea of substance over relationship, Rohr believes that previously, civilization crafted a fear-based God of substance (separate, wrathful, etc), although Jesus was all about relationship or, as Rohr puts it–love.

Written by: Marie Price