May 3, 2017

Recently I was stopped at a traffic light for a few moments and happened to see a person on the side of the road selling magazines.  They were offering “The Curbside Chronicle” for a suggested donation of $2.  “The Curbside Chronicle” works to help homeless individuals find a source of employment.  People who sell the magazines go through an application and then a training process.  They receive their first 15 magazines free to sell and then they purchase copies for $.75/copy to sell for suggested donation of $2.  They keep 100% of their sales.

I admit, I had never purchased the magazine before and was doing so to help out.  But as I read more about the program and the magazine itself, I was really impressed.  The articles inside were well-written, informative, and engaging.  I am not saying that buying a magazine ends homelessness – but $2 is a very small price to pay for receiving a great magazine and being part of a great ministry.

Be sure to support individuals who sell “The Curbside Chronicles”; it will be the best investment of $2 that you can make!