September 6, 2019

We talk a lot about sharing God’s love and bringing hope to the world. It has become a way for us as a family of faith to remain focused on what matters. There are so many ways in which you and I can share God’s love and all of them make a difference! Let’s look at three ways we can all share God’s love and offer hope to others.


You and I share God’s love by how we speak to others. We can choose to be insensitive, critical and mean or we can choose to be kind and speak words that encourage and bring hope to others. This was so important to Jesus and he illustrated in so many ways. He was always sending the message that “you’re special and you matter.” No matter your past or mistakes you’ve made, your life is important. Hearing this does something for your soul and you and I can do this every single day when we choose to speak to others in a positive way.


Secondly, You and I share God’s love by what we do.  In one of the first miracles stories in the Bible, we read about Jesus turning water into wine. Now, here you have a couple getting married, it wasn’t exactly a matter of life and death and at first glance it may not seem to make a difference, but Jesus saw this young couple who were going to be so embarrassed to run out of wine and He knew what it meant to them, so He decided to do something they would never forget. When you and I choose to consciously do something to be nice, we’re living out our commitment to share God’s love with others.


And so third, you and I share God’s love by what we give.  When we stop to count our blessings and give thanks for all that we have, it inspires us to share with others! I can’t help but wonder how witnessing Jesus turn water into wine must have impacted this young couple’s trajectory. They would never forget that night and I wonder if when they would attend future wedding feasts, would they be looking around to see if there was anything they could do. Is there enough? When you live out of gratitude you want to bless life. The gift of God’s extravagant gift of love inspires us to make a commitment to be kind in all we say and do and to give of all that we have.