May 10, 2017

My 16 year-old son just received his drivers license!  It is funny that we are doing the sermon series, “Racing to the Flag” at St. Luke’s and my own household has revolved around driving (and getting to drive) lately.  Brooks’ license came after training at a driving academy, obtaining a temporary permit, hours of practice, and then….waiting.  Six months of waiting to be exact, though the last two weeks have been the longest!

There are times that waiting is a part of our journey through life.  And waiting tends to be one of my least favorite parts of life.  Certainly there are times that waiting seems to be pointless, but there are many more occasions where waiting is an important element.  Waiting at stop signs, traffic lights, and railroad crossings keeps us and others safe.  Waiting for graduation allows a child to learn and grow for 12 years into adulthood.  Waiting nine months allows a few cells to develop into a baby.  Waiting can produce important things in life.  We might prefer immediate results, but some of the best things in life take time.

Don’t take shortcuts when waiting serves a purpose.  Patience really is a virtue and can help us to better enjoy the journey.  There is a reason that young adults are made to wait until they receive their drivers license – but practice, experience, and maturity can produce safer results for all of us!

Congratulations Brooks – proud of you!