December 22, 2017

Yesterday morning I was sitting in my office working on my sermon for Christmas Eve when I got an unexpected knock on my door from the cutest Christmas carolers I’ve ever seen! Some of the kids from our childcare center came to sing “Jingle Bells” to me. I think that might have been some of the best inspiration I could have received in that moment to help me prepare for Christmas, and it definitely put a smile on my face.

Do you have kids or grandkids? Have you ever taken them Christmas caroling around a neighborhood or to a nursing home? I want to encourage you to do that in the next couple of days leading up to Christmas. As one who just received that gift, I can tell you that it will not only teach your children or grandchildren an important lesson about showing kindness to others, it will also do a lot to brighten someone else’s day and help them get in the Christmas spirit!