September 11, 2017

This morning we were driven around the heart of London before reaching City Road Chapel.  The Chapel was built in 1778 by John Wesley.  It had an incredibly beautiful sanctuary.  Around the interior bottom of the balcony were flags from all around the world.   Each of the countries that were represented was connected to one of the members of the church.  It was fun to meet the new pastor of the church who had only been there one week.

Near the chapel was Wesley House where John Wesley and other early Methodist pastors would stay while in London.  We were joined at City Road Chapel by a former member of St. Luke’s who returned to his native London.  He was able to join us for a communion service at the grave of John Wesley.

We went for lunch and several of us ate our lunch on the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

After lunch we took a tour of the interior of St. Paul’s – it is impossible to fully describe its beauty.

At the end of the day there were several in our groups who hopped on the London Tube (subway system) and took it to see the Churchill War Rooms.  It was a great exhibit and an inspiration for us to live lives that make lives that make a difference.

Tomorrow – off to the Tower of London!