June 5, 2019

We looked at today’s verse which was so appropriate.  First Thessalonians 5:11
We shared the thing we found on the beach trade shows our relation to God. Nadya showed a large Rick that is God and a smaller rock that is the person. When the small rock sits in just the right spot on top of the larger rock, it can’t fall off but  if it moves to the edge it falls off.
We shared today’s  lesson from Место встречи and discussed the questions. Out verse was from First Peter 3:13-17. Talked about people see what we do and that how we act wins people to Christ even more than words in sermons because we are allowing Christ to work through lives to bless others. I found the Message version included this : “through thick and thin keep your hearts at attention, in adoration before Christ your master”
Then we had time of writing a card that showed one side  to God and one side to ourselves with list of what we will do for God and another list of what will do for ourselves . Then web put today’s date in the card and sealed it after prayer over these actions we plan to take and changes we may be facing. We then will open the card in a few months and see how we have grown.
Written by Lauranne Harris