July 14, 2019

Bible Point: God wants us to listen and follow when he directs us.

Key Verse: “Then Samuel said, ‘Speak, for your servant is listening” (1 Samuel 3:10).
God called out Samuel’s name in the middle of the night. When Samuel finally recognized that it was God’s voice, Samuel listened to and obeyed everything God said (1 Samuel 3:1-21). Strengthen your family’s faith learning and growth at home with this easy idea.

Share with your kids about a personal experience—or the experience of someone you know—of hearing from God in some way. Talk with your kids about the different ways God might speak to us and direct us today.

As a family, think of one thing you really need to hear from God about right now. Commit to praying to God faithfully about it, and ask him to give you a clear direction about that matter. Spend time listening to God as you pray.

God, we want to listen to You and follow Your directions. Please teach us to hear Your voice in the many different ways You speak to us. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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