March 7, 2019

With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation. – Isaiah 12:3
There is a small plant in the office entry at St. Luke’s. It has been there for several years. It is a small pot that contains a Peace Lily and a Fern. This plant has had good days and bad. There have been times when it looks like the healthiest plant in Oklahoma and other times when it looks like it was one day away from a final trip to the dumpster.
Caring for a plant is serious work. For some time, the plant lived because someone would see it in bad shape, took pity, and give it a drink. Finally, a staff person took the responsibility for this plant as part of their work. They purchased a new pot, new soil, and began to give this lily and fern much-needed tender, loving care.
Today, this plant is healthy, growing, and looking better than ever. This recovery did not happen by accident. Our faith is much like the life of this plant. To grow a healthy faith, we have to be intentional. We must seek Jesus, “The Water of Life.” We must put ourselves in a good position to grow. Attending worship, being part of a small group, and studying the scriptures prepares us for growth.
Lent is an important time in the life of our faith. As a family of faith, we set aside this time to look inward, take stock in ourselves, and focus on the love and grace of God that heals, forgives, and brings us to new life – a life full and abundant.
Rev. Keith King, Online Campus Pastor