February 9, 2024

Music speaks to my soul! I love all genres of music. I go through times when I listen to a certain genre in monthly chunks. Right now, like most preteens, all my girls want to listen to is Taylor Swift. They know more about Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs than some adults.

I’ve been following The Eras Tour and now consider myself a Swifty, as well. But it’s not just because I like her music or that my girls LOVE her music. It’s because she truly is an inspirational role model for young girls, has given millions to charitable foundations, and treats her staff with the utmost love and respect.

The younger population tends to focus on her style, music, and relationship status. They have no idea that they are witnessing Taylor climb to iconic status that few performers ever reach in their lifetime. All that aside, I can’t help but learn more about who she is as a person.

I watched her documentary, “Miss Americana” – and I must say – not only is she incredibly talented, but she is humble and uses her voice to stand up for what she believes is right.

Not many teens know that she gives substantial donations to food banks in every city she visits on The Eras Tour and that she has given generously to numerous foundations throughout the entire length of her career. It’s not common knowledge that she practices the power of “reward and recognition” with her employees. Becoming a billionaire, per Forbes Magazine, hasn’t changed who Taylor is at the core. She takes the time to show appreciation to her 500 employees with personal handwritten cards. She said, “Employees need to know that they are more than just a number. They need to know that someone is concerned about them as people first and as employees second.” Along with those handwritten cards, she gave what a staff member described as a “life-changing” sum.

I believe God’s love and grace flows through us in many ways. We don’t have to give monetary gifts to change lives. When we show love and kindness to others, we can change their lives and the world.

-Jamie Williamson, Edmond Campus Director of Administration