July 9, 2018

In everything do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law and the prophets. –Matthew 7:12

It is hot outside! You did not need to me to tell you that! It is the middle of July. The sun is bright in the sky and the humidity is high. Just a few minutes outside and one begins to sweat! If you are going to work outside in this weather, you better be careful. You can quickly find yourself overheated.

When a 911 call came into the Plano, TX Fire and Rescue they knew it was because of the brutal summer heat. When they were dispatched it was to aid a 90-year-old man who was working in his yard. The heat had overtaken the man and he had collapsed. The Fire and Rescue arrived quickly administered aid. They eventually transported him to a nearby hospital.

It is not surprising to experience dangerous heat in Texas. It is also not surprising for emergency workers to do their jobs and care for a person in need. What is surprising in this story is that Rance Pringle, a member of the Plano Fire and Rescue, stayed behind while the man was transported to the hospital, and completed the yardwork for him. He felt he must complete the yardwork not only so the gentlemen was not right back in the same situation, but also to share kindness.

It does not take much to make a difference. Rance Pringle gave just a few moments of his day and became a significant help to a person in need. Each of us have the ability to make a difference. It only takes few moments of time to be a blessing to others.

Rev. Keith King, Online Campus Pastor