December 5, 2018

“Mom, now we can have Christmas!” Those were the words my daughter shared with me one evening as we left the St. Luke’s Christmas Concert.
How many of us wish it was that easy? Just speak it and it happens! It’s hard and tiring to get ready for Christmas. Even harder is to keep the joy and wonder of Christ’s birth continuing throughout Advent. But my daughter, Sabreana, was able to teach me a lesson about Christmas with those six words.
It had been a busy couple of weeks and I wasn’t in a holiday mood. But Sabreana insisted we go; it would be a fun mother-daughter time, she said. When we got to St. Luke’s, she already knew where she wanted to sit. She found her a place in the balcony where she could sit and get the perfect view. She had her program and noted the songs that she loved. She was just bubbling over with enthusiasm and joy of the holiday! As I sat in the balcony watching her and waiting for the concert to begin, I found myself catching a bit of her Christmas excitement. With a wave of a conductor’s baton, the concert began! I soon lost myself in the familiar songs of Christmas and the message of love that is Christmas.
I looked over at Sabreana, whose glowing face reflected the joy of Christmas, and realized that I had buried my Christmas joy in busyness. I had been so busy getting ready for the Advent season that I had forgotten about what Christmas really was – the love that God shared with us – His Christmas gift. I needed to stop the busyness and take time to enjoy the joyful message that God shares with us at Christmastime. It was just that simple. Sabreana taught me an important lesson that night.
The St. Luke’s Christmas Concert has become an annual tradition for us. We have a quick dinner out, tour some of the lights, then go to the Sanctuary balcony, sit in the same area each year and wait for Christmas to begin! Now, when I find my enthusiasm for Christmas waning, I remember some of the Christmas music I heard at the concert, remember my daughter’s joy of Christmas and find my own Christmas joy returning.
The music of Christmas does more than set a mood – it helps us to remember the message of Christmas – joy, peace, and love! If you find yourself losing the joy and wonder of Christmas – find those Christmas carols, turn up the volume and allow yourself a few minutes to really listen to the words. Imagine the joy of that first Christmas when Mary and Joseph were sharing their special Christmas gift with the world! And then say these words – now we can have Christmas!
Bev Barnes, Administrative Assistant to the Communications Ministry