October 14, 2019

Caleb Wrenn is a freshman at Reidsville High School in North Carolina. Like all freshmen, Caleb was nervous for his first day of school. Caleb is small for his age and high school is a big change in life. On his first day Caleb struggled. He got lost several times on the way to class. But the worst experience Caleb had was at lunch. In a cafeteria filled with students, Caleb found himself eating alone. He felt so alone.

Later that afternoon Caleb’s sister Leah texted her little brother and asked him how his first day of school was. When Caleb told his sister how bad his first it broke her heart. She immediately turned to social media and called out support from her friends that were still in school. Thankfully, they responded.

The next day, when Caleb went to his table, for what he thought would be another lonely lunch. When he arrived at his table he found several new friends. Several upper classmen and members of the football team were waiting to welcome Caleb to lunch and help him find his way around the building.

Caleb now has several new friends, some of who have even asked to change their lunch schedule so that they can be with Caleb and his group of friends. They are showing the students at Reidsville that there is a better way.

Loneliness is a painful. Even in a crowded room, people can be all alone. God did not call us to be alone, but together. The students at Reidsville High School reminded me of an important lesson. When we see others alone, we are called to connect with them.  I hope you will find some time this week to reach out to a friend, a neighbor, or someone from church you have not seen in a while. When we are intentional about reaching out to our brothers and sisters we can make a difference.

Rev. Keith King, Pastor of Worship.