July 8, 2018

Early Saturday morning our team arrived in the magnificent land of the midnight Sun This is not just a saying as it was still daylight when we landed in Anchorage after midnight. As we made our way to Christ 1st United Methodist Church in Wasilla, we saw majestic mountains and gorgeous birch and pine tree that reach far into the blue sky. Alaska is truly God’s country!

After a few hours of rest several of us started working at on tearing out walls in the nursery room at 8a.m. As the rest of our team members arrived they began to unload a trailer full of equipment, ladders, paint, tools, supplies and scaffolding. It is surprising how fast you can unload a trailer with that many people. We then split into several smaller groups to assemble the scaffolding, tape windows and doors, and take out the debris from the demolition in the nursery room.

We painted two coats in the sanctuary and cleaned up and finished our list of work for the first day.

Then we all took a break to go sight seeing on our way to Talkeetna.

Our twelve member team consists of our leader Pastor Connie Barnett, Marty Hensch, Kyle Scott, Clarence Preston, Marilyn Coury, Donna Cantrell, Brenda Beckum, Dick King, Dr. Ken Copeland, Pat Murphy, Marilyn Murphy and Rebecca Murphy.

“Rejoice in the Lord Always, I will say it again. Rejoice!” Phillippians 4:4