July 16, 2019

Hannah began our day with a devotion on transformation during missions.  We had insightful conversation afterwards with everyone sharing. After our morning painting assignment we were treated to a delightful lunch of moose meatballs with lingonberry (Alaska cranberries) sauce and rice prepared by Kay, an amazing lady and volunteer of the church.  She also presented a program and demonstration on the local methods of gardening challenges due to orbit of the sun.

We then headed up to Wasilla to the Iditarod Museum where everyone enjoyed holding the 5 week old future sled dogs and some experiencing the strength of the animals by a 4 wheeler pulled by a team of sled dogs.

We returned to the church, painting until 7:30pm then enjoyed our favorite meal thus far prepared by Will and Hannah, grilled fresh red salmon with a soy based sauce, angel hair pasta and salad.  We continue to be blessed by church members providing us with fresh fish and delectable meals.