March 8, 2017

Have you heard about April?  April is a giraffe at the Animal Adventure Park in New York and she is moving ever closer to the birth of her fourth calf.  There is a webcam and information at  For the past couple of weeks millions have tuned in at one time or another to the live feed.  I have checked in several times to watch her do everything, except – give birth (apparently it is very difficult to predict the labor of a giraffe, it has been imminent for 2+ weeks!).
What I find so great is the excitement that is being generated in this one giraffe momma.  It shows me that people really do love good news.  We love life and stories that put a smile on our faces.  Despite the amount of negative news stories that seem to abound, what we really appreciate is a message of hope.
Each one of us has a multitude of opportunities every single day to share messages.  Of course there will be times that we have to convey stories that are sad or maddening.  We have to be the voice of those who are denied the right to be heard.  We have to cry out in the face of injustice.  We have to mourn in times of loss.  But – we should also be carrying messages of hope and encouragement.  Take a moment to think back over your conversations today or examine your social media.  Did you have too many complaints and not enough gratitude?  Did you have more ridicule than praise?  Have you used your words today to put a smile on someone’s face?
The Bible describes the tongue as a double-edged sword.  It is a powerful weapon that can bring about joy as easily as it can wound.  Make a point before this day is over, to share a message of encouragement or gratitude with someone.
And – if you are needing to be cheered up yourself, check out April the giraffe.
Chances are she is up and pacing – getting ready for a new life!