July 12, 2017

“And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in the one body. And be thankful.” –Colossians 3:15

At the end of a recent busy day, I was heading home with our youngest daughter in the car. I realized it was late and Molly Anne had not had dinner. We stopped at her favorite restaurant, McDonalds. She was excited to have a Happy Meal and I was thankful for a quick option for dinner. We pulled into the drive thru. We were greeted by a happy voice welcoming us and asking for our order. We placed our order and pulled around to the window. When we pulled up to the window we were greeted by another staff member who helped continue our pleasant experience. She took our money and sent us to the next window to retrieve our food.

When we arrived at the next window, we quickly received our order. The person filling our order happened to also be the manager. I told her, “Thank you” for the pleasant experience. The manager was happy that we had extended a compliment, but obviously caught off guard. With a big smile on her face all she could say was, “Really?” Obviously, she was not used to costumers taking time to express their appreciation.

We all live busy lives. Our daily tasks push us from one event to the next. Often in the busy moments we fail to see the many reasons around us to be grateful. When we don’t slow down we also miss opportunities we have to express our gratitude to others. As you move from one task to the other today, I want to encourage you to look for someone who has helped you and offer them your gratitude. It will help you grow in the spirit of gratitude, and will bless the life of those around us.

Rev. Keith King, Online Campus Pastor