March 8, 2018


Our plans for Thursday were a little different than the previous work days had been. Today we woke up and spent our morning sorting dirt and debris from the beans, so they could be cooked, cooked rice and grilled 250 pork chops. We cooked all the food at the house and transported it all to the local dump where there is a community of people who live there. We set up two tables and laid out all the food.

By the time we were finished unloading the number of people had tripled. Our team had prepared a quick message on the Beatitudes that we shared prior to the meal. The majority of the community spoke Spanish so we each shared our part and Carlos would translate.

We finished up with a prayer and then we served everyone who wanted to eat a hearty serving of rice, beans and a pork chop. Everyone was grateful and eager to eat. We conversed the best we could through broken Spanish and broken English wishing them many blessings.

Once everyone had been served we still had food left so the decision was made to take the rest of the food to the local jail.  The space is very limited at the jail so only a few went to deliver the food. Those that went said that there was only 17 inmates and it was a very humbling experience since none of the prisoners are provided ANY food.  They said that all of the inmates were very appreciative for the food and it was equally as gratifying to help them since they have no other source of food.

This day was an extremely meaningful day because we were able to help so many with a very immediate, essential need. We again spent the evening all around one table eating dinner together, watching the sunset and doing our devotional. God is good!

Written by Natalie Morgan