March 12, 2018

Moms and Dads, try some of these ideas to create impression points of faith with your children.

God Made Everything (All ages)

Get out the Lego’s or K’NEX, or another set of blocks.  Work as a family to make creations.  When everyone is finished, and you’ve admired all of them, take them apart and place the individual pieces in front of you.  Ask, “How long do you think it will take for these pieces to put themselves back together?”  the answer is obviously that it will never happen.  Next, place the pieces in a bag and shake them up before dumping them out.  Then say, “I wanted them to fall into place like our creations we made earlier!  Why didn’t it work?”  Then ask, “How many times will I have to shake them up and dump them out before they fall into place?”  Kids will tell you it will never happen!  Explain that some people think the world just fell into place by itself.  Just like it’s ridiculous to think the blocks would fall into place, it’s ridiculous to think the world would fall into place by itself.  God created the world; He’s our Creator!

High & Low (All ages)

Every evening at dinner, go around the table and tell your “high” of the day (the best thing that happened) and your “low” of the day (the worst thing that happened).  This will help you know what’s going on with your kids.  It will also help them know that even adults don’t have perfect days.  It will open dialogue, and it’s so easy!

Just Like Air (Elementary)

“Is God real?  We can’t see him!”  Ever hear this question from your kids?  If so, blow up a balloon.  Now ask your kids, “What’s inside this balloon?  Air?  You can’t see it, so how do you know it’s there?  Yes, we see evidence because the balloon inflates.  Well JUST LIKE AIR, GOD IS THERE!  We can’t see Him, but He’s there—look at His creation, look at all of us, look around you and you’ll see evidence of God everywhere!”  It’s an easy way to help kids remember this truth!

God Is Everywhere/Hide and Seek (Preschool)

Hide & Seek is a fun game to play with kids.  By adding this simple line to the game, you can confirm a Biblical truth:  when someone is found say, “You can’t hide from God!”   Play over again until kids are tired.  You’ll leave a great impression of God’s presence in our lives.