March 19, 2018

If you are traveling for Spring Break, try some of these ideas for growing in faith while you’re traveling:

Drive Time Audios (All ages)

These are excellent times to find music or books with a Christian theme that fit their age range.  Preschoolers may enjoy music while older kids will enjoy audio books that address issues you’re trying to teach them.  Instead of allowing kids time to play video games, listen to some great books on tape as a family, then discuss!  You could start with the Chronicles of Narnia (ages 8 and up) or a collection of Adventures in Odyssey stories (ages 8-12).

Following Directions (Ages 5 and up)

When driving in the car with your kids (and you’re not on a tight schedule), set your GPS for your destination, but don’t follow the directions.  Make your kids aware that you’re sure you “know where you’re going,” and the GPS must be wrong.  After a bit of time has passed and you’ve failed to reach your destination, have this discussion: “The Bible is our map for life.  We must read it and follow it just like a road map.  If we don’t, we’ll have many problems, just like we’ve had problems arriving at our destination today.”  When you arrive at your destination, read 2 Timothy 3:16-17 or Psalm 119:105 and explain that God gave us the Bible as a life map, and those who are wise will follow it.

Trips with a Purpose (All ages)

Parents can turn family trips into opportunities to highlight different aspects of God’s nature with children.  A trip to the zoo can be an opportunity to discuss God’s creation and sense of humor.  God’s complex creation can be explored during a simple hike; noticing the landscape, birds, bugs and other critters, etc.  A trip through the mountains can be an opportunity to marvel at God’s artistry.  Even a simple trip to the grocery store can be an opportunity to delight in God’s provision for us!  The key is remembering to turn these moments into “God moments.”