August 28, 2019

Several years ago I took my son, Brooks, to the Star Wars concert in Tulsa. Basically, they had hired local musicians and singers to perform the very familiar musical pieces from the Star Wars movies while they played different scenes from the movies on large screens. The stadium was packed for the event and I remember thinking how clever it was to take the movies that had already been created and then display clips from them in a new way. It was really innovative.
Tonight I experienced the Broadway Revue at St. Luke’s. There were incredible singers and musicians who performed several of the songs that we’ve done in the past six seasons of St. Luke’s on Broadway. And at tonight’s concert, I again was impressed with the creative spirit (not to mention phenomenal talent!) that took things that we had done and shared them in a new way.
Too often we think that creativity has to be something that has never been done before, when in reality it can be as simple as taking what you already have on hand and then using it or sharing it in a new way. God gave us brains for a reason! Is there a part of your life that feels like it is in a rut? How can you bring new life to the situation? Is there something that you own that you can repurpose?
There is a special joy when the familiar and mundane are given new life and beauty. Be creative and resourceful!