September 27, 2019

As we prepare to go into fall, I’m reminded how fast the time flies between now and December, so I’d like to take just a moment to think about how we spend our time. There are three ideas I want to share with you to get you thinking about how you choose to spend your days. 


First of all, this time of year, naturally brings with it an element of change. Anytime there is an opportunity for change or growth in our lives, you can bet that fear will show up. Choosing to do something new creates a sense of anxiety and uneasiness inside of us. It can be hard to begin something new when you’re afraid. 

I like what Paul told Timothy when he said, “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power and love and self-­ control.” I think the call as Christians is to focus on our faith rather than on our fear. So, go ahead and do try that new thing you’ve been too nervous to begin! Start that new Bible study, sign up to volunteer or join the choir. It might seem scary, but remember that Jesus Christ walks with you. Focus on your faith rather than your fear.


Sometimes the reason we don’t start new things isn’t because we’re afraid, but it’s because we’re so busy doing other “urgent” things. I’ve discovered that most people live by the theory of “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” We direct our focus, mostly to the things that are urgent. I’ve also realized that the urgent things are often not the most important things I think of how many important things I miss because I’m focused on the “urgent” matters. 


I wonder how many wonderful things I’ve missed in this life because I decided to take it easy and not go? How many God-given opportunities for growth and change have I said no to? I could have grown in my faith, I could have had a new experience, I could have been involved in missions, but I was afraid. Or maybe I was so busy, and I chose to spend my days foolishly and missed something significant.

“Sunrise, sunset, swiftly the days go by. Teach us to number our days, O Lord, for they are few, and help us to use them as we should.” – Psalms 90