September 21, 2019

In this life, it’s inevitable that endings will come; people move away, friends die and sometimes health fails. We can spend so much time worrying about the past or future, that we forget to celebrate the present moment and it’s in the present moment where God meets us. So, how do we celebrate the present moment and not miss out on God working in our lives? Here are three ideas I want to share with you about how we can live in the present moment each day and encounter God more in our lives.

#1 Beauty

First of all, each day open your heart to see the beauty around you. We live in such a fast paced world that sometimes we forget to stop and experience the beauty of God’s creation. It is a beautiful world. God doesn’t ask us to live exhausted; that’s a decision we make! When we  stop to witness the beauty of creation, we can find our hearts opening. Do you take time to notice they beauty in a sunset, a thunderstorm or puppy? When you stop and take the time to experience the beauty of creation, you will also experience the gift of God’s presence in your life. 

#2 Laughter

Second, each day open your heart to laughter. I don’t think we laugh as much as we used to because we take ourselves so seriously. Life seems heavy. God is a God of joy. We sometimes think of God as a God of judgment, we fear God, we feel guilty in front of God. The reality is that God is full of joy; He’s a God of love. See what happens when you start laughing more! It puts things into perspective and helps us to relax. It can even help you discover God in the moment.  

#3 Gratitude

Third, open your heart to gratitude. So many people focus on what they don’t have in life and that results in a spirit of “lack.”  We think about all that we lack materially, financially and even time. “If I could just get more ____________(time, money, good health), then one day I could be happy. Sadly, with this mindset, happiness never comes.  

To live in the present moment requires a spirit of gratitude, which really means focusing on the abundance in your life! Even with the struggles of life, we can live in a spirit of gratitude and that opens our eyes to discover God in the moment. God is real and knowing Him brings a joy that makes life worth living.