May 17, 2018

In two weeks St. Luke’s will be leaving on a trip to the Holy Land. I am working on all the last minute things I have to get done before I leave. I am making up a half dozen to-do lists of personal tasks, things I still need to pick up from the store, people I need to call, things to do for church, and so on. But in all the things I have to prepare, I realized that I had neglected to put myself on any of the lists.

When any of us go on an important trip or take part in a big event – we often get ready well in advance. We think about the things we need to pack, clothes we need to wear, electronics that will help us capture memories, and all the things we have to get done before the big day. But – one of the most important impacts on the biggest moments of life, is our own attitude. If we’re stressed with everything that has to get done – then we are starting a trip off with tension. If we’re worried with the work that will pile up while we’re gone – then our minds will be in two places throughout the vacation.

If we want to really enjoy the best moments in life, then we need to make sure that we can be truly present.

Tonight my most important to-do list includes:

  1. Prayer
  2. Getting done what I can before the trip.
  3. Being ok with what I can’t get done.
  4. More prayer

Hope you all have a chance to go on vacations and make some great memories this summer!