January 15, 2020

Several years ago, I was attending a city council meeting in the small town where I lived.  Most of the posted agenda had been accomplished and it was now time for an open microphone for the community.  This is a set aside for citizens to ask questions or address concerns to the mayor and city council.  I remember a man going to the mic and stating that he often saw our town fire department leaving the community to help in other communities and he wanted to city council to know he did not think that was a good idea.  He thought they should stay in our own town.

The Mayor leaned into his microphone and thanked the gentleman for sharing his feelings.  The Mayor then said, “We help our neighbors in their time of need.  That is just what we do.”  He also said, “I hope, if we ever need them, that our neighbors would come to help us.”

We help our neighbors.  That is just what we do!  I was reminded of that this week when I saw multiple news articles about the U.S firefighters who were leaving our country to help with the terrible fires in Australia.  The fires in Australia have burned over 12 million acres of land.  So much has been lost in these fires that are all over the country.  Thankfully, our brave firefighters have seen our neighbors need (on the other side of the world) and they are deploying to help.  In reading this news, I learned that Australia had sent firefighters to northern California to help this past year.  Now Canada has also sent volunteers to help combat the fire in Australia.  Neighbors are truly helping neighbors.

These fires have been devastating.  More than 2,000 homes destroyed, and many lives have been lost.  Australia is truly a neighbor in need.  They need our prayers and our support.  We could question why would someone go so far to help, but as I read this news story I was reminded of this truth, “We help our neighbors in their time of need.  That is just what we do!”

– Rev. Keith King, Pastor of Worship