July 30, 2020

“History has its eyes on you.”  Every time I watch the musical “Hamilton” or listen to the music, there is a different line or lesson that sticks out to me.  This line was the most recent one that jumped out to me when I watched the hit music on Disney+ a couple weeks ago.  This statement was certainly true for the founding fathers of our nation, but it is also equally true for us today.

We are living through history right now, and what we do today is what will determine the future of our world.  How we choose to treat one another, what we decide are priorities, and the way we come out on the other side of this pandemic will shape the world for many generations to come.

This is typically an exciting time of year where students are finding out who their teachers are, they’re getting their class schedules, buying new school supplies, and it’s a fun time for a fresh beginning to the school year.  This year has a very different feeling to it.  School leaders and administrators are wrestling with trying to make the right decisions balancing the needs of everyone in their districts.  Parents are weighing options about what is right for their kids.  Teachers love their students and want to be there for them, but also want to balance safety and well-being for themselves and loved ones.  There are other families who rely on the support of the schools, free lunch programs, and many other benefits of school for daily existence.

It’s not an easy time for anyone.  The issues are complex and there are often no easy or “correct” answers that are perfect for everyone.  At some point, I pray that science and medicine will help us find solutions to this pandemic that will make these answers easier and we will be able to get back to a sense of normalcy in schools.  History will remember what happened during this time, but I imagine school schedules and the excitement of a new year will return at some point.

However, the way we choose to treat one another and talk to each other during this time will determine our culture for years to come.  We are showing the next generation what is acceptable behavior now, and this time will help determine the way they treat one another the rest of their lives.  Will we choose to show kindness and grace as everyone has to do their very best to make decisions?  Or will we be harsh, judgmental, and critical of each other’s choices?  “History has its eyes on you.”

– Rev. Josh Attaway, St. Luke’s Edmond Campus Pastor