January 12, 2022

COVID is terrible. For almost two years our lives have been transformed because of the arrival of this virus. We have seen our schedules re-arranged and many things canceled.

We have been sick. We have lost loved ones. This pandemic has significantly changed and disturbed our lives.

Unfortunately, my family and I caught COVID in 2021. Thankfully, our symptoms were limited. Although we were sick and not able to leave the house for a while, we did experience many blessings during that time. During our time with COVID we witnessed a wonderful outpouring of love and prayer for our family. We received cards, texts, and phone calls. Our wonderful congregational care team prayed for us.

One evening, we received a special meal. It was a beautiful homecooked meal. It was delivered to our front porch, hot and ready to eat. It was a thoughtful meal that was truly prepared with love. We still talk about how this meal was prepared, driven all the way to our home and delivered with such love and care. It was an exceptional gift for a family that was isolated due to illness.

As I think back on that wonderful meal that was delivered to our house, I am reminded that we all have an opportunity to share God’s love. As COVID numbers rise again we will have friends, family and neighbors who contract the virus. We can bless them and still stay safe. We can write cards and make phone calls. We can prepare a dinner or a dessert and deliver it to their porch. If cooking is not your gift, send a DoorDash or Postmates gift card. These are simple things that do not demand much of our time, but they are a tangible reminder of the love of God that we share between one another.

Caring for one another when we experience difficult times is how God calls His family of faith to act. We pray for each other, and we help each other through the challenges of life. When we do these small, simple acts of love, we truly help to build a better world.

– Rev. Keith King, Pastor of Worship