January 13, 2022

“The foundation Solomon laid for building the temple of God was sixty cubits long and twenty cubits wide…” – 2 Chronicles 3:3

I’ve always been fascinated by the description of Solomon’s temple in the Old Testament.  It’s hard to imagine that people built a massive stone temple without modern construction equipment.  The extremely detailed narrative in the Scripture indicates that the people paid fantastic attention to detail.  Tucked away in 2 Chronicles 3 is a description of the foundation for the temple.

Several years ago, when our family of faith was constructing the new Edmond Campus, I visited the site every day to check on the progress.  We were all so excited to see the new building rise out of the ground.  I remember watching with great awe and wonder at how much time was spent on the footings and foundation.  The measurements, materials, and inspections all required great focus on the part of our contractor.  I could tell that building the foundation right was incredibly important.

There is no doubt that building a foundation for our lives is a critical component to success.  When look at building our faith, we need to have a firm foundation that will withstand the challenges, trials, temptations, and distractions that inevitably arise.  While we might prefer to skip all the work that is required, building a solid foundation will enable us to grow closer to God and one another for years to come.  If you are just starting your Christian journey, take time to read the Bible, pray, worship, and fellowship with other Christians.  If you are further into your journey, you might need to check your foundation – like any house in Oklahoma, a few piers might be needed along the way.  Don’t be afraid to strengthen your foundation by going back to the basics!

We also have a responsibility to help future generations build a foundation for their faith.  How are you mentoring, serving, and giving of your time & talent to ensure that your family and others can develop this solid foundation?  What can you give sacrificially to make sure we pass our faith along to others?  Take time today to pray and ask God for direction as you build your own foundation and help others to do the same!

– Rev. Phil Greenwald, Executive Pastor of Administration