November 8, 2017

Please take a moment and look at the pictures shared in the link below, I promise you’ll be glad you did.  The pictures are the work of photographer Stefan Draschan.  He put together a series of pictures of people who “match” the artwork they are looking at.  I find it beautiful, humorous, and touching.  I am not sure if the series is entitled, “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder” or perhaps “Art Imitates Life” but either of those would be appropriate.  What I truly loved about his work is that human beings are inspiring works of art in and of themselves.

The way that he captured their beauty “imbedded” in classical works of art is a great lesson for all of us.  I believe that he captured the way that God views us – as masterpieces.  Too often we see the differences in others and tend to categorize those differences in one of two columns – good or bad, pretty or ugly, desired or undesirable.  But God views our individual uniqueness with all the appreciation of an art connoisseur, which makes sense of course, since God is the Divine Sculptor.  God looks at us with love and appreciation.  We can do better at following suit!

I think there are two things that can help us.  First, it is important that we automatically view each person as a priceless work of art.  Everything we see and sense about them has already been defined by God as “very good”.  So instead of trying to pass judgement, we realize that judgment has already occurred and we look for the ways to see each other as “very good”.  We can strive to see the beauty of God in each and every person.

Second, it helps to remember that every person we will ever encounter is someone who is loved by God.  Haven’t there been times where you met someone and found out that they were a dear friend of one of your dear friends?  It is almost like, “Well, if Jane loves them, I should too.”  If God loves them (and God does), I should too.

God has given us an amazingly beautiful world in which to live.  Remember that you have been created as part of that beauty.  You help the world to be more lovely.

Photographer waits for hours to capture museum visitors who match the artworks