February 8, 2017

This year we are practicing “The Year of Gratitude” at St. Luke’s.  We have been encouraging everyone to write one thank you note each day to someone.  In a time where so much can seem wrong and negative, saying “thank you” may seem to be an insignificant act.  Yet, it is something that is needed to encourage those who are making a difference to continue in the same way.  Today there are people who think that what they do doesn’t matter.  They may be tired of fighting for what’s right and may even be considering giving up.  Receiving a note telling them what an impact they have made can encourage them and strengthen their resolve.  Who can you write to today that needs to hear an uplifting word?  A police officer?  A teacher?  A parent? A child?  Your words of gratitude to them can make a difference.

“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.” – G.B. Stern