January 3, 2018

This Sunday is Epiphany Sunday. It is one of the oldest of holidays that we celebrate in the Church. Epiphany is from a Greek word that means “manifestation”. It means that something is revealed or made known. Perhaps you have heard someone say, “I’ve had an epiphany!” (although I don’t know a lot of people who have the word “epiphany” as part of their daily vocabulary!) The exclamation is intended to mean that an idea, thought, or explanation has come to mind. Something has been made known to them.

The birth of the Christ Child was made known to the Wise Men by a Star that guided them to Him. It is why we talk about the Wise Men/Magi/Kings after Christmas and why the Nativity scene is still up in our sanctuary and worship center.

It is an incredibly important concept in the Christian faith that we can often take for granted. God, the Creator of the universe, has been made known to us through the birth of Jesus. God chooses to reveal Himself to humanity: to wise men, to shepherds, to fishermen, and to us. It is not wealth or power (or the lack thereof) that determines to whom God will be revealed. It is not something we earn or learn. The Bible shares that God delights in making mystery known to us. We can come to know the love of God through many ways: through Christ, the Bible, the traditions of the church, our own experiences, and through our friends and family. This Sunday, take a moment and reflect on the incredible gift of God becoming known to us. Epiphany is the manifestation of God to us. The unknowable can be known. That which is unseen can be seen. That which is beyond us becomes present with us. Thanks be to God for His incredible gift!