December 20, 2017

Just five days! Our Christmas morning tradition is – orange rolls. It is so much a part of our holiday, that we never eat orange rolls at any other time during the year. It is a tradition we’ve held since our daughter Hannah was very young. It started because I wanted to have the most time to focus with my family. I would buy the orange rolls in a can so that it would be quick and easy. As the years progressed and Hannah & Brooks got older, they started asking for homemade orange rolls. Several years ago I found a great recipe and started making the rolls from scratch. Now that the kids are older, Christmas morning isn’t so much about the fun of playing with new toys (which was a lot of fun for all of us!) but has become more about enjoying the morning together.

Christmas mornings have only gotten better over time. The orange rolls were fast and simple when I needed to be hands on to play with my young children. But now – I can spend more time making homemade rolls because the morning is something we all want to savor. We like to draw out the morning as long as possible!

The birth of Christ brings us together to celebrate His love for us and our love for one another. I can’t wait to wake up on December 25th to honor God and enjoy the time with my family. My prayer for all of us is to develop traditions that help us to share in the love of God!

Merry Christmas!