November 9, 2019

You’ve probably heard the phrase that following Christ is like taking a narrow path, but what does it mean for us to follow Christ on the narrow road? Let’s look at three ideas.

First of all, when you and I follow Christ on the narrow way, we commit to grow spiritually and consistently seek God’s will for our lives. Author M. Scott Peck says the most courageous people he knows are those who get involved in counseling and psychotherapy and I agree! In therapy you reflect on the past and make changes that bring about healing, but it can be painful! So often we choose comfort over the pain of change. Are you committed to pushing through the pain to experience spiritual growth? 

Second, I believe that if you and I follow Christ on the narrow way, we must be willing to look beyond ourselves. Often we believe that we are only responsible for caring for the needs of our immediate family, but Christ reminds us that we are all His family. Jesus calls us to look beyond ourselves to see the needs of strangers, the poor, the marginalized, even people we don’t like! That is the narrow way.

Third, if we want to follow Jesus on the narrow way, it requires us to make sacrifices in the name of love. For so many people, the basic life principle is finding happiness. Will it bring me pleasure? Will it make me profit? It really is the easy path. Following Christ on the narrow path requires more sacrifice. So often we must give up our own joy, happiness or comfort because we care for another. Jesus was willing to give himself up for you and for me, for this family, and He calls us to love one another in the same way.

Following Christ on the narrow road gives us a beautiful new view of the world, it brings into focus the needs of others and leads us toward a life filled with more joy and meaning than we could ever imagine!