May 10, 2018

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 13, so today I want to dedicate this post to mothers everywhere in all situations and all walks of life. I honor the mothers who have entered the Kingdom of Heaven, mothers who are in the trenches raising their young children or teenagers, mothers who grieve for children they have lost, mothers who feel alone, mothers who have made mistakes. Mothers are such a powerful influence in our lives. Just three quick things I want to share about Mothers today!

#1 Give Thanks

Mother’s Day is a good time to stop to remember and give thanks to the women who have made so many sacrifices for you! Through the years, I have heard countless stories about mothers who sacrifice for their children because they want them to have every opportunity possible. Even if things aren’t “perfect” with your mother, you may never full know the extent of all that she has done for you. Take time on Sunday to thank the special mothers in your life by making a phone call, sending a card. Express your gratitude. Not only will this make her day, but it will also, very likely, fill you with a sense of love and peace!

#2 Pray for one another

Sometimes I think we forget what a gift it is to pray for one another! Moms, I hope you pray every day for your children! When you pray for them, you not only bless them, but it also does something to your soul that enables you to love them in a special way that only a mother can! If your mother is still living, please remember to pray for her, too! Praying for our loved ones is truly one of the greatest gift we can give to them and ourselves.

#3 Moms you have the power!

Moms, never forget that God uses you in so many important ways!! He has given you the power to provide hope and encouragement to your children, so that they never give up! When mothers remember their God given power to  influence, shape and nurture children of all ages, big things can happen!