February 23, 2018

When Jesus talks about faith, he’s talking about trusting in God.  In one of my favorite scriptures (Matthew 6:25-34), Jesus asks his Disciples, why are you so worried? Why are you worried about what you’re going to eat or drink and about your body and what you will wear?  Does all your worry add one minute to your life?  What Jesus is saying here is you don’t need to worry; you don’t need to be so anxious and afraid.  In Matthew 8:26, when Jesus says to his Disciples, “oh men of little faith” I think He is actually giving them a compliment! I think what he’s saying is, there are so many people who have NO faith or trust in God at all, so while you may have little faith, it is enough. When you trust a little, you don’t have to be afraid. Fear, anxiety and worry separate us from God, but when we have a little faith by trusting in God’s constant good will towards us, his children, we don’t have to be anxious or afraid. There are three important things Jesus is telling us in this story.


Jesus says be not anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.  Let the day’s own troubles be sufficient for the day.  How many of our worries and fears involve worrying about our future?  We’re thinking about all the things we cannot control.  Jesus says today, let today’s own troubles be sufficient for the day because this is where you find God, in the present moment, today.  I’ve experienced this lesson throughout my life many times and yet, I continue being reminded of it over and over again.


Jesus said look at the birds of the air.  They don’t sow nor reap, your Heavenly Father feeds them.  Look at the flowers the lilies of the field how beautiful they are.  Jesus was saying stop just looking at your fears, your worries, your problems and instead, look at the world around you.  Look at the birds of the air; look at the lilies of the field; don’t you see God working in his creation around you?  Faith is about trusting in God’s constant good will towards us, his children.  It’s about opening yourself to experience God’s love that will sustain you in life and in death.


Jesus said, if you see the birds of the air and how they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them, are you of not more value than they?  It’s really all about saying, YOU MATTER.  You are of value.  Are you not more valuable than the birds of the air or the lilies of the field?  You and I live in a world where, so often we are told we don’t matter.  You’re not of value.  Jesus is trying to convey to his Disciples, that your Heavenly Father knows your needs.  Look at how he works in creation, don’t you understand you are of more value than they?  Do you know how much God loves you?   I pray that throughout this Lenten season, you will hear God speak to your heart and know you are of value, that you matter to God. Because you matter, live in this moment and stop worrying about tomorrow, it is in this moment that you can finally experience a presence from beyond yourself.  You don’t have to be afraid.

Have a little faith.