August 1, 2017

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You know there’s something exciting about children and the way they dream, and I’ve often wondered, when is it in life that you and I stop having a vision about a better day and we decide to settle because life is hard?

You may know that this topic is one that is so dear to my heart and one that I believe God holds important for each of us! Today, let’s look at three things that will encourage you to believe in the power of dreams.

First, God wants you to dream about the dawn of a new day, to have a dream and believe that the best is yet to come. No one needed a new dream more than the disciples who believed that Jesus would establish the kingdom of Israel by overthrowing the Roman government. When Jesus died, so did all of their dreams. In Acts 2:14-36, Jesus has died and risen when Peter stands up in front of the crowds to preach. He begins to quote the prophet Joel and reminds the people that God promised to pour out his spirit on all people young and old, men and women. Joel prophesied that God would provide the spirit to have a vision, to have dreams about a better day. God fulfilled the promise to pour out his Holy Spirit and they began to accept that life was going to be different than they had envisioned. They started to believe that the best was yet to come. Today, we are still living in the power of the Holy Spirit and these beliefs change the way we live and approach each day.

Second, how many things do you and I hold onto like failures, mistakes, expectations or even shattered dreams? Our unwillingness to let go of these things can prevent us from receiving a new dream. The disciples knew great failure and their dreams of Jesus forming an army to overthrow the Romans wasn’t going to happen the way they imagined. They had to turn loose of that expectation, so that God could give them a new vision, a new dream.  I believe if you and I are willing to let go of our expectations, God can show us a new path.

Third, I often wonder how many things we miss because we are not open to new experiences.  The disciples were certain that the way to bring the kingdom of God here on Earth was through force, to raise an army, overthrow the Romans and to establish the Kingdom of Israel. God had a different plan and he revealed to the disciples that if they would be open to a different way, that He would give them a new vision for their lives, if they were willing to be open. I believe God will give us a dream if we are open to experience things in a new way. I believe God can speak to our hearts and give us a new vision.  God wants you to dream about the dawn of a new day, to have a vision and to know that the best is yet to come.