October 18, 2018

The words of Jesus in the Bible are clear. We are to love God, worship him and love our neighbor as we love ourselves. When you and I take that seriously, I believe we become part of the solution rather than the problem! We move from being people who simply exist and take up space to making a real difference with our lives! Three things I want to share about how we can do this.

#1 Time and Money

The two things we feel we lack the most are the very things we can use to make a difference and that is our time and money. So often, we feel like we don’t have enough of either to share. We worry that what we do have is so small and insignificant that it won’t make a difference. Whenever I feel myself worrying about not having enough time and money to make a difference, I am encouraged by the parable of the mustard seed. Jesus tells us that the Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed; it is one of the smallest seeds and yet it grows into something great and powerful. 

#2 Sharing your gifts

So, what can you share to be a blessing? Do you believe that your God given gifts are important and make a difference? We can all be assured that God takes our efforts both big and small and uses them for His good. We can trust that God will use what we give to bless lives in ways that we will never know. Wherever you are in life, God can use what you choose to share. 

#3 It takes time 

If you’ve ever planted flowers or trees, you know how it feels to want them to be big and beautiful right away. Talking and wishing won’t make them grow any faster, though, we just have to get them in the ground and give them time! Before we can enjoy the beauty, we have to plant the seeds! It doesn’t have to happen overnight, it takes time to grow and in the same way, we are called to be faithful with what we share, day in and day out.  

We don’t have to wait to get started, you and I can start making a difference right now. We can be part of the solution. When you share what you have, God uses it to bring healing and blessings to others.