November 7, 2018

Last evening I found myself a little disappointed that more of the candidates I had wanted to win, didn’t. There was a moment that I even caught myself questioning the time I spent in the process of voting.
But then I remembered – it isn’t about winning (though that is always nice), it is about being part of a process much larger than myself.
I remembered that there have been women and men who have fought for my freedom to vote.
I remembered that there were people who fought for my right to vote as a woman.
I remembered that there are many places around the world where voting doesn’t take place or it is only a sham for a dictatorial government that wants to appear more democratic.
I remembered that even though I was voting with some people with whom I might disagree – together we were engaged in a civic conversation that recognized both our voices.
And more than anything, I remembered that I had the incredible honor of seeing my recently-turned 18 y/o son cast his very first ballot.
Our political process is far from perfect and there are many times that I am frustrated by it. But it is only by continuing to participate in it and encouraging others to do the same, that it has the best chance of being improved.