April 10, 2017

Have you been wondering what your 10-13 year old child is going to do this summer?  It’s a challenge when they are too old for childcare and too young to stay home alone.

“The children that are 10 and up, they don’t want to be in childcare all day long,” Gabrielle Moon, Executive Director of St. Luke’s Children’s Centers, said.  “They want to do bigger field trips and better things.”

That’s why St. Luke’s is starting a new Summer Day Camp for children in that age group.  It’s called “Canvas & Tunes” because it will focus on having fun with art and music.

“There is a real need for it,” Gabrielle said of parents who don’t want their children spending their summer watching TV or playing video games.  They will be “having fun, but learning something at the same time.”

Local artists and musicians will be teaching a variety of visual arts throughout the summer.  “Painting, ceramics; the art we offer at Studio 222,” Julie Robinson, Executive Director of Studio 222, said.

Character building is another goal.  “That’s what we build at Studio 222,” Julie added, “self esteem and confidence.”

Canvas & Tunes will also offer swimming, field trips, sports (Frisbee golf, volleyball, etc.), and community service projects at places like Rancho Village Elementary.

To enroll by May 19, please contact Gabrielle at gmoon@stlukesokc.org (405-600-3412) or contact Julie at jrobinson@stlukesokc.org (405-609-1009). The camp will run June 5-August 17 and is available from 7:00 am – 6:00 pm. Limited space available. Cost is $225.00 per week.

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