December 29, 2017

We arrived safely in Moscow about 24 real hours after we met at the OKC airport too begin our adventure. Before we even left on our first flight, several in our group were able to minister to a dear woman whose husband had died recently and she was going on a familiar trip that they always took together. But this time she had to go alone and it brought a fresh wave of grief for her.

Along the way, we had a wonderful discussion led by Lori and Bonnie about Moses and how he was called by God even though he had difficulty speaking . He was able to use Aaron to help him carry God’s message. Lori reminded us that we can each at as Aaron for the others in the group so we always have the power and help of our sisters and brothers in Mission. We talked about how God’s mission for us happens everyday , at home and work as well as on these special trips.

Written by: Lauranne Harris