January 18, 2018

Children are growing up in a different world than when their parents or grandparents were raised. Advancements in technology in the last 10 years have created wonderful opportunities for information and connection, but with this also comes new challenges. For example, busyness, stress, pressure and worry is not only affecting parents and teenagers, but also young children.  The 168 hours we are given each week is filled with school, homework, sports practices and competitions, music and dance lessons and recitals, and more.  All the while, time is not slowing down, our feeling of safety has been compromised, there is an increase in bullying among children and a rise in teen suicide. It’s no wonder the entire family is feeling stressed out!

So what can we do about it? For starters, St. Luke’s has committed to answering this question by providing resources and tools to help families. As Christians, we are called to not be like the rest of the world, but instead, to constantly renew our minds. (Romans 12:2). We know it’s not the easy path, but it is definitely worth it!

As parents, we have to help our kids navigate the world of social media, rise up to the expectations of school work and activities, and teach them to be responsible and committed. We believe a big part of the answer starts with our faith at home. Faith unlocks the door, which opens new possibilities for navigating life together.  A life of faith is more than spending 1 or 2 of the 168 hours a week going to church on Sunday.  Bringing faith into your home builds a strong foundation for each family member.  It can strengthen a marriage, instill lasting values in children, and spill over to other family members, neighbors, and friends.

The good news is, we don’t have to do life alone!  God is with us to guide and help us.  Being a part of a church family is essential, especially when the road is steep or rocky. One of the many resources we have created to provide inspiration as well as practical tips to help you and your family, is this Faith & Family blog! Our homes are the best opportunity for character and faith formation of children! In a positive, loving and Godly home, children can find their worth, learn values to live by, and carry on a faith that makes a difference.


Here are a few questions YOU can start thinking about today. We will be here along the way to provide ideas for creating your very own plan of action to bring faith into your home more often.

Consider these questions as you develop your plan:

  • What are the challenges that my family is facing at this time?
  • What values do I want to develop better in my children?
  • Are my children finding answers to problems of their life in a context of faith?
  • Am I being encouraged in my own faith and prayer life?
  • How can we create more of a sacred space in our home for faith to grow?

You can do it; we can help!!