May 14, 2019

Time can go by so quickly, especially when we are busy.  Some moments or days seem longer, but the weeks or months and the years often fly by.  I think that when we find ourselves within a busy week or season, it’s easy for us to put off something else important until “someday” when we get past this busy moment.  But then we can find ourselves right into another busy season, or out of habit with the things we once found most important.

When John Wesley began a spiritual movement in the late 1700s, he and his friends were very disciplined and methodical about their spiritual growth.  In fact, that’s where the name “Methodist” comes from.  It was a way that others would poke fun at John Wesley and his colleagues.  But Wesley embraced the name then and as “Methodist” people today we should embrace the importance of spiritual disciplines and the manner in which the earliest Methodists grew in their faith.

I think within our busiest times, for us to keep up with the most important aspects of our life – our spiritual growth, relationships with others, and opportunities to serve – then it’s helpful to be a little more methodical and a little more disciplined.  This is not intended to make spiritual growth just become something to check off our to do list, but so that we don’t put these aspects of our life into a “later” or a “someday” category.  We must put these things into our lives even the busiest times.

There’s a great object lesson about priorities in which you fill a jar with larger rocks, smaller pebbles, and sand to represent how you spend your day.  If you start by filling your jar (and your day) with the sand or the little things that can consume your time and energy, then you won’t have room at the end for the most important things.  Those big rocks just won’t fit anymore.  But when we start with the big rocks – the most important things – then we have room for the smaller pebbles and the sand.  It’s important for us to prioritize how we spend our time and energy.

I think we can all benefit from this reminder to be a little more methodical in our approach to our day and to our faith.  Don’t let the busyness or the distractions of your day keep you from the most important aspects of your life and your spiritual growth.  While you’re looking ahead to this week or this month, or even planning the summer, make sure that the big rocks go in first.  Be intentional (and even methodical!) about your spiritual growth and ways that you are sharing, growing, and serving.  Start with thinking about your weekly worship attendance, having a daily devotion, finding a prayer time, and asking yourself who you can help today.  These are all ways you can honor God and how you can love and serve your neighbors each day.

Amy Givens, Director of Youth Ministry