May 10, 2019

Jim Morris was a high school baseball coach for the Reagan County Owls. Coach Morris wanted to encourage his team to strive for success. Morris made a bet with his team that if they were to win district that he would try out for a major league baseball team. The Owls rose to the occasion and won the District title.

Coach Morris honored his part of the deal. He attended a tryout hosted by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Although Morris had spent some time in the minor leagues, he had been plagued by injury and had what he believed to be a career ending shoulder surgery. He showed up at the tryout and told his story to the Devil Ray’s scout. They allowed him to try out so that he could keep up his end of the deal for his team.

What was amazing is that during the tryout Coach Morris did an amazing job. He threw 12 straight pitches over 98 miles per hour. The scout, who moments before, had no interest in Morris offered him a spot on the Devil Rays minor league team. Morris made his Major League struck out the first batter he faced.

His time in the Major Leagues was short. His arm health did not last, but his time as a baseball player in the league was a dream come true. Since his time in the league, Morris wrote a book titled The Oldest Rookie and Disney produced a movie about him called the Rookie.

At the age of 35 no one would have given Coach Morris a chance, not even Jim Morris himself. Thankfully, he took a chance. He went to his tryout, and against all odds, he achieved his childhood dream. Each of us have dreams and desires for our lives. We often miss the opportunity to see our dreams realized, because we put off trying until another day. The joy that comes from realizing our dreams and only be experienced when we take a take a risk and try. What dream have you been putting off? Today is the day to take the risk, try and possibly see a dream come true.

Rev. Keith King, Online Campus Pastor